Wonder whore

Everybody loves comics! Even Charlie - sexy sex-positive blonde who enjoys loads and loads hentai parody games - loves them! And it's pretty evident that Wonder Woman is one of her faves. When it is one of your faves also or you just like animated tales about sexy chicks in foolish outfits are getting hump packed adventures then you are goona to enjoy this game a good deal! So the primary events begins with our heroes' plane wreck. But don't worry - daring amazon Wonder Woman is always prepared to help. She conserves Charlie and... well, what will happen next is your responsibility to determine - just choos eone of 3 options and see where the story will go next. And don't worry - almost every time you will choose something that you will choose one of sexy minigames together with Charlie and whoever she will meet!

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Bondage Hangman

Can you ever thought that this type of elementary intellectual game since"hangman" can have a mad story with fucky-fucky as well as bdsm elements in it? Well, you understand that understand! And even more - thanks to this game you can practice such crazy mix today and right here. The game you'll be playing is the normal"game about guessing the word by letters" that"hangman" has ever been just this time you'll be enjoying it against indeed hot mistress that has set the gorgeous caboose of her blond maiden at stake. Such contest depends on your outcome - will you save this pretty gal and have fun with her by yourself or you will let the mistress to punish the female like she has never did before? Someting tells us that both these result will please your own passion of manga porn content anyhow...

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