Wonder woman

Wonder whore

Everybody enjoys comics! Even Charlie - hot bitchy blonde who starring loads and loads hentai parody games - loves them! And it is very evident that Wonder Woman is among her faves. If it's one of the faves also or you just like animated stories about sexy chicks in silly outfits are getting fuckfest packed adventures then you are goona to enjoy this game a good deal! So the main events commences with our heroes' plane crash. But do not worry - courageous amazon Wonder Woman is always prepared to help. She saves Charlie and... well, what will happen next is your choice to decide - just choos eone of three options and determine where the story will go next. And don't worry - nearly each time you may choose something you will choose among hot minigames together with Charlie and whomever she will meet!

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Wonder Woman Anal Fuck

In this game you'll meet a funny books fan who spends fairly a lot of of time by glancing off one of his favourite female superheroes - Wonder Woman! But something incredible will occur - Wonder Woman will appear in his area to give him a lecture about how bad it is to masturbate. But instead of lecture his fanboy will see some thing apart - an chance to bang his favorite her to get real! This is where you get the true control within the game - and you'll begin with tearing off Wonder Woman's clothes! You then are able to play her a little bit until you get to the primary twist of the dilemma - interactive anal bang-out scene with nude Magic Woman! You may not be the fan of hers but if you want hentai games with anal romp then you need to ty this game right now!

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