Sex Stories: Cinema

"Sex Stories: Cinema" is an interactive story yet it won't begin in a cinema or something like that. It will actually begin on an ordinary day when a man known as Roberto discovered that he requires new pants and so he goes to the clothes shop close by. There he will meet one beautiful girl who will not only assist him in picking the appropriate jeans, but will also turn up to be fmailiar with our guy! The name of the girl is Kylie and as they already know each other and appear to have an interest in each other, the story gets closer to the cinema portion... and all will happen after that first date! We won't reveal everything but if you are a fan of romantic scenes and sex, you'll be able to enjoy the story completely on your own. Play now »

Pussymon: Episode 32

When you have been followin all the three dozens scenes of this Pussymon Saga then this scene is going to be quiet interesting for you because here author will introduce totally new character that will join your daring party of pussymon hunters. Ofcourse fresh species of sexy pussymons as well as fresh quest, cards and animations are going to be introduced in this scene as usual. The story of gig 32 commences with Mater Oswald welcoming you back at Hunetr Society only to tell you that the great danger is still coming and no one has even a slightest idea how to prevent it. However he knows someone who would at least let you know where to commence but so you'll have to go to some uncharted regions because this individual is non other the archaelogist therefore finding her is going to become the pursuit alone... Play now »

Maid Service (Audio Sex Adventure)

Befoe commencing thsi game you have to be positive you have your audio devices on becase it is an experimental gameplay where you will receive all of the infromation about interacting with your sexy maid thru her commentaries. Nevertheless it has some interactivity too - from time to time you will make a choice in where the story goes next by selecting one of two choices. The collection of your choices will lead to one of three enidngs. Just don't expect any bonuses three variants of the story where sexy maid will be servicing your bone after lengthy and hard day. If you will love this sound practice you can always support its writer at his patreon page (and can be find something else intriguing enough). Play now »

Campus sluts

Thisone here is not only well drawn but also very entertaining and of course sexy with many choices that the player (which is yourself) is going to make all around the way. The story starts with a hot beautiful blondes arriving at the campus of the university on the beginning of her studying here so there is no reason to think that this beautiful girl is a slightly naive than probably should be. You'll be faced with the first question - will the heroine pay the driver by cash or through an arrangement? The choice will directly affect the outcome so make your choice carefully! This is why we suggest that you play the game couple more times so you could enjoy all the hilarious and sexually sensual scenes the game offers! Play now »

Married With Charlie

Ho and incredibly slutty blonde Charlie comes with new parody - this time she'll take some extra part pretty famous TV flash called"Married with... Charlie". In case you've seen the original series then you will recognize most of the heroes very quickly. There iwll be also humor and jokes of course - that can be a prody on comedy flash whatsoever! But in the event that you always enjoyed hot fucky-fucky scenes as far as sketches and gags afterward Chalie will help you! That is really a Halloween eve - what an excuse to put on several sex-positive costumes and do some crazy things! From time to time you will be given a choice of 3 options - typically it can define exactly what sex (yet not consistently - who knows exactly where the script could turn!) Scenes you will see following. At times it's possible to repeat your choice and therefore don't be afraid to miss a lot! Play now »

Daughter’s Punishment

This game will let you know the story of a eighteen year-old youthful chick. She had a family, but her father died and her mother married another. That is a bald man who has masochistic inclinations. He loves punishing his daughter. Your mother leaves for delma. The father takes the moment. He grabs his daughter by the hair and drags him into the basement. There is a bondage & discipline hump equipment. Thefather ties the daughter to this device and embarks to spank the nymph in the sweet glutes. And throws it. Dude starts rudely fucking a youthfull stepdaughter in her pink cunt. The dad has a fat stiffy that gives the girl a lot of ache and tears. However, the father picks up the wand and starts to fuck the chick in the donk. The girl never had anal fuckfest and she starts to yell in pain. . Do you need to know the continuation of the narrative? Then do it instantaneously. Play now »

Sakuras Scandal

Sakura appears to be seeking a new experience. Otherwise, how would you explain her decision to make her own sex tape. It's not a joke - she is actually planning to make it because she has the camera, and even discovered the person who will be fucking her in front of it and the only thing that is needed is someone who will be working behind the camera. Do you think you're ready for the challenge? Then, you can watch Sakura be fucked and record the most stunning moments from it. Also, be cautious with the battery life. Sakura won't be happy because she wasn't fucked free and you didn't give her the recording she requested. Spacebar is used to start or stop recordingandor to zoom in or out. Play now »

Lesbian Fashion

New interactive venture from"Lession of Fire" is already here! This is going to be a story about rich milf named Rose who happened to have a fight with her hubby today and now is trying to noiseless herslef down with the most effective way - she goes shopping. But seems like fresh outfits are not titillating her as much as they used to... however she has excited by another person that time. Someone else... Join Rose today and witness her coming in the world of g/g love and enthusiasm! As alwyas that the assortment of choices and components that you will be taking all along teh way will let you not only witness the story but also to become the part of it. And ofcourse don't leave behind to visit our website for more games from thisfun and well-liked erotic game seires! Play now »


Spartika is your main heroine of this game who isn't only hot looking woman but also very skillfull warrior and feminine gladiator... and probably this second facet of her character will be more useful after you'll hit the start because there will be a whole lot of conflicts ahead. These fights will be occurring from very first person perspective and you'll need to witness for many different parameters like health points, endurance, level of attacks and defences both of your character and your enemies. The simple fact that all the chicks you will need to fight will be the less hot looking and scarcely clothed that definitely will create the fighting process more hard because of these large round distractions bouncing in front of you all of the time. Play now »

Kanzen Koryaku Sephiria Arks

This next game is created from japanese but because it is not having any story and the gameplay procedure is very intuitive this should not be an issue at all. Especially in the event that you prefer to dominate over hot looking big-chested blonde from some magical universe. Her title is Sephiria and she is from game show called"Kanzen Koryaku" by the way. As a player you'll want to find active spots on Sephiria's gorgeous bode and trigger them by clicking. It will lead to some actions that also will make her sexual pleasure meter to get larger. Once the pleasure level will hit the max that the spectacle willchange and you will need to locate other spots and execute anothe kind of actions together with her from touching and teasing to finger-banging and gonzo fucking! And in the event you'll need more games like this one here then do not leave behind to look at our website. Play now »