Pussymon 16

15 gigs of epic saga about group of daring heroes hunting for hot pussymon are completed... so it is time to get vignette 16! The adventures (and misadventures ofocurse) can continue in"The Mistsand Desert". Soon after the training you and Bridgette returned to have a briefing with master Oswald from which you find out out that Lord Edwin is gathering the highest rankning associates of Pussymon Hunter Society. You don't need to be a genius to realize that something big and very severe is coming so you and your buddies have to regroup and to take care of the threat (whatever this threat is). But first do not leave behind to visit the dining room... New quests, new characters, fresh hot animations and ofcourse new pussymons for your collection you will find in this next step of your big adventure! Play now »


The animated character was designed by Silestaur. The scene is derived from the larger text-based rpg "Trials in Tainted Space", which you can discover and play if you're looking for a good dose of interactive entertainment. In all, this scene will feature two characters, one of which will be hot and very hrony furry futanari named Syri and the second will be your 'avatar' in the world of the game called Steele. And you should decide whom you think Steele will be in the beginning by choosing one of the gender choices which include male. female , and transsexual! Yet no matter which choice you choose to make, you can be certain that you and Syri are going to have an amazing virtual sex experience! There's more furries on our website. Play now »

Pussymon: Episode 32

When you have been followin all the three dozens scenes of this Pussymon Saga then this scene is going to be quiet interesting for you because here author will introduce totally new character that will join your daring party of pussymon hunters. Ofcourse fresh species of sexy pussymons as well as fresh quest, cards and animations are going to be introduced in this scene as usual. The story of gig 32 commences with Mater Oswald welcoming you back at Hunetr Society only to tell you that the great danger is still coming and no one has even a slightest idea how to prevent it. However he knows someone who would at least let you know where to commence but so you'll have to go to some uncharted regions because this individual is non other the archaelogist therefore finding her is going to become the pursuit alone... Play now »